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Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Luxury Real Estate, Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Companies‎ |

Working as real estate agent

Working as real estate agent

Many people wonder what it is like to be a real estate agent.  They also wonder how it feels to work as one and I can tell you that it is a demanding but still interesting job. For a real estate agent, every day is a new experience, and there are no same days.

Talking with buyers is just one of many activities that are done by real estate agents, and that activity is one of the most satisfying out of them all. Seeing happy clients that found a house they wanted is something that will fill you with energy and finding that house for them is even better. But, as I said working with clients is only one activity done by real estate agents, and there are others that are not as interesting as it, responsibilities that fall under administrative group of tasks like:

– Keeping up with all local and regional market activities and following all news about real estate
– Research of all kinds of listings and reviews of real estates
– Paperwork like real estate documents, agreements and so on
– Coordination and planning of all kinds of appointments, with clients and other entities, open houses…
– Marketing and advertising of property a real estate agent is working with
– Emails, phone calls, social media, websites and blogs

Real estate agent  doesn’t just sell real estate, real estate agent sells himself. You must look good, talk naturally and be friendly with everyone including random people who might become your clients in the future, especially if you want to. You must constantly work on meeting new people, figuring out who is a potential client and in general, you must be approachable to anyone you meet.

Working with clients is generally separated in working with buyers and working with sellers. Each of these two activities has their own work that must be done properly.

If you work with sellers you will have to:

– Meet with them and get familiar that is required
– Take photos of the property to show what it has to offer (you can hire a professional photographer but that will cost, so you should be able to take high-quality photos by yourself)

When it comes to working with buyers your task will be to:

– Get to know them and their wishes when it comes to purchase
– Plan property showings (which includes individual visits and open houses)
– Show a property that fits wishes of the buyer and tell them everything you found out about that property.
– Demonstrate your skills in negotiation by making offers to the seller or the agent that represents them. 

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